A Look at Bible Kidd & The Bible Kidd Chronicles

May 17, 2020 0 Comments

The Bible Kidd is a new, exciting Christian musical from two people who have already brought some success to both of their lives. Ron Fassler and Travis Monroe will be doing a great job of showing the audience what Christians are really about and the kind of songs that really express their heart of Christianity and just how fantastic and how great this generation of Christians really is. As for the show, well, Ron and Travis have already done some amazing things with their talents, and they are now hoping to bring the same kind of thing to the world stage.

Once the duo had already gotten busy with the world of Broadway acting, Ron and Travis also became a talented songwriters. They wrote a series of great songs, which were very popular among their fans and have found that their fame has allowed them to work with many different people and different shows. They have even written their own songs but mostly they would collaborate with other singers to write some awesome songs for them.

Their other talent is to create amazing Christian bands. They formed their very own band to promote and work on their songs and they have a good amount of success in many of their performances. They are working now with several other talented musicians from around the world to create their very own, kick-ass band so that they can all see what they have done.

Ron and Travis knew what they wanted to do in the world and they have already been successful on what they have set their eyes on – creating their God, Jesus Christ, in the hearts of many different people. Their vision and their goal is to not only make their people aware of the good and the bad about God, but also to let the people know the truths about the Christian life which has also been revealed in the Bible. The Bible is now known by many different people and there is still much that God can give us.

The Bible Kidd is a group that is working with top-notch people who know how to put together a great show. They are sure to get an incredible response from the audience in regards to their amazing talent. This will help them in showing how wonderful and how great these Christians really are.

There is an interesting fact that many people don’t know. Ron and Travis are actually sisters and they were born two months apart from each other. Their birthdays were really close together and their father already knew that these two would work together someday.

When the sisters finally got married, they began to see how God had actually opened up their lives and the world around them. One day, the husband told them that he was going to do his bible study and join together with his wife. He told them that it was going to be a very interesting experience and that it would be the best one of his life.

They decided to move to Philadelphia and join together with them on their Sunday church services. It was there that they realized how incredible and how great God truly is. This is what they love to do most of the time and this is what they want to share with the world through their great works.