Bible KJV’s New Features

May 23, 2020 0 Comments

The Bible KJV team is the official bible translator that has been in business for some time now. In addition to offering its own translation service, this team also offers assistance in the editing and publication of the most popular books in the world. With the recent surge in popularity of the bible, they are now offering services as a publishing company as well.

When most people think of bible translators, they often think of people who translate the bible for religious institutions. While bible translations for specific religions were once the norm, the modern age has changed this to the point where we expect a biblical translation that is far more sophisticated and up to date than the ones offered previously.

At the same time, the Bible KJV team has expanded into the realm of publishing itself. Having developed its own translators, this publishing firm now makes available its own line of book. Although you can find it in many local and online bookstores, there are currently two different selections that offer a combination of the bible version used by the KJV team along with that of the others.

A current selection is the Bible KJV Team’s Bibles & Bible’s Series. This series comprises a collection of fourteen short workbooks for different occasions or events. For the bible that is commonly used in school and day care situations, these worksheets provide an introduction to the text and a helpful place to start for new parents or guardians. A series such as this offers much more flexibility and the opportunity to get creative in the timing and presentation of lessons.

Another current selection from the Bible KJV team is the Standard Bible. While not as comprehensive as the Bibles & Bible series, this standard edition is still a very useful resource for those in a position to be able to offer their children their Bibles but without the trouble of taking time out to come up with the entire bible. This standard is larger and allows for more than one page of instruction or scripture. It is also a great choice for people who want to go all out in covering the bible.

At the same time that the Bible KJV team is expanding its offerings in the field of publishing itself, it is also keeping its original commitment to the bible translations that are currently offered. These translations are made with an eye toward maintaining the historical context and the content. Many bible versions will take out the historical context to simplify the message for those who read the bible without much background knowledge of its history. The team doesn’t do this.

When it comes to editing, the Bible KJV team has taken a distinct approach. In the past, people would submit their translations for review and critique, and this included what was included and what was omitted. Today, though, these bible translations are written specifically for the purpose of becoming a public statement.

In short, this publishing firm is changing how we look at bible translations. From the published texts to the teaching resources available, this business has really developed a reputation for publishing in a way that is more than a little different. The team wants to prove to the world that quality and innovation are both here to stay and for those looking for a quality bible edition, this is certainly the way to go.