Bible Study: King James Versions

April 20, 2020 0 Comments

In the King James Version of the Bible, chapter ten is named “Faith and tote.” It was originally intended to be titled “The Man Whom God Endued with Faith,” but in the end, it was changed. It is not clear who was assigned the task of deciding the name of this chapter. Some claim that a committee made the decision.

When the new version of the Bible was finally published, chapter ten was changed to “Faith and Temptation.” This title was chosen by the King James translators and scholars in an effort to correct the errors in the early editions of the Bible.

In the KJV, this chapter appeared in the ninth chapter. The new translations use the plural form of the word for “people” in the verse, “We have this privilege always to be under the wings of Jesus Christ, seeing he has made us a kingdom and priests to his god.”

In the KJV, this chapter appeared in the tenth chapter. In the new translations, the word “kingdom” is used instead of “people.”

In the KJV, chapter eleven was known as “James the Just.” It was written by James the Less, an apostle and founder of the Catholic Church. It was changed to “James the Brother of Jesus.”

In the KJV, chapter twelve was known as “James the Just One.” The word “just” was an intentional misspelling. The “Just One” is an allusion to Saint James the Less, who became known as “the Just.”

In the KJV, chapter thirteen was called “James the Just and the High Priest.” This chapter is most likely referring to James the Less, whom the Catholic Church revered. In the new translations, the word “priest” is dropped in favor of “high priest.”

In the KJV, chapter fourteen was named “James the Just One and Cephas the Less.” The name “Less” is meant to be an ironic reference to the fact that James the Less was the brother of Jesus.