Bible Study Lesson – “The Book of KJV” by King James Version

April 26, 2020 0 Comments

If you are curious about the old testament or are just looking for a good Bible Study lesson to read with your family, you should consider trying “The Book of KJV” by King James Version. This study guide can help you make sure that you are reading the right book and reading it correctly. With this study guide, you will find that the experience of reading the bible is better than ever before.

Like any Bible Study Lesson, the purpose of the King James Version Bible is to bring a soundness to the way of the bible in order to enrich it for everyone. In the passage where it says, “Through the grace given unto me I say to what I do, There is no other that can turn you aside but the Lord,” we see that God gives us guidance. The same as when he said that He could not walk on water. Just like when he said that no man could swim or come up on dry land.

It’s amazing how He can do all of these things, and yet we cannot understand him, nor do we fully believe him. The bible says, “But God showed his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.” But you see, even though we are sinners, God still loved us enough to give us His Son. We really are saved by Christ, but He saved us by grace through faith. But you see, He only got us saved by grace.

Just because we have not received the gift of salvation through the work of Christ, does not mean that we do not have the love of God. As such, we must still confess our sins, repent, and believe in Christ, in order to be forgiven of our sins, and have God in our hearts.

When you read the passage where it says, “In Him we live and move and have our being,” you will see that the spirit of God lives in all of us, and we are all in this together. There is no room for separation or lack of love. Instead, we are all God’s children and are one in Christ Jesus.

Just like when it says, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” you will see that the Lord has placed His beloved in our midst. Yes, we are his loved ones, and he is truly well pleased with our obedience to Him, and the giving of our lives to him.

In this passage, “this book is my sacred writ, which gives knowledge, and wisdom, and understanding, and a reserve of the whole counsel of God.” When we read this passage, we can see that we can trust the bible, and that we can discern God’s wisdom through it.

In the passage where it says, “So when I sent him out to teach you the way of righteousness with all endurance and revealed the law, and made a sign to him that he should drive out demons and heal people, when he had done all these wonders among the children of Israel,” we see that the King James Version Bible had really delivered the gospel to the people. As such, we can tell that there is a connection between the bible and those who read it. “We learn that the children of Israel learned that the word of God did live in them.