Movie Review – Bible KJV: The Divine Impulse

May 3, 2020 0 Comments

The Christian television network, World TV is currently featuring the movie of the same name “Bible KJV: The Divine Impulse” directed by Christopher Sabo and written by Don Harrison. The film is a faithful adaptation of the autobiography of the same name by Bill Johnson, the publisher of the Biblical commentary called KJV Bible. Bill Johnson was one of the more prominent publishers of Bible-based works before his untimely death in 1987.

He worked on and off with Nelson Richardson Jr. as editor of the NKJV (New King James Version), which was published under the auspices of his company until Nelson appointed his son, J. Edwards, to edit it. After J. Edwards retired from editing the NKJV, Bill Johnson continued to edit it until the late 1970s. He became so disenchanted with the way his edited version of the Bible turned out that he began to seek for a change in the text of the Bible itself.

This led him to the discovery of the KJV in 1983, after meeting with KJV publisher Bill Johnson at a bible convention. Bill Johnson was the first to introduce KJV, after its complete translation into verse form.

While the translators for the KJV-tradition claimed that they have the authority to revise the original text to accommodate new discoveries in science history, many of these were rendered from a faulty foundation. The changes made in the KJV later resulted in many different interpretations of the Bible. Some Bible translators were more than ready to acknowledge that the KJV did not hold its meaning anymore. They changed the meaning of other biblical passages and substituted them with their own versions.

The film, Bible KJV: The Divine Impulse, shows how these translators changed the meaning of the KJV in their interpretation. It also highlights the problems that result from the process of rewriting the wordings of theBible.

The film, Bible KJV: The Divine Impulse, is a good introduction to the KJV as well as an idea about the mistakes that resulted from its translation and its role in creating several problems in Bible study. When the KJV Bible was translated into verse form, this necessitated changing the whole text of the Bible in order to bring it into line with the different interpretations of the text. At the same time, some passages were changed in the same manner. Hence, the movie will be helpful for all who are familiar with the KJV-tradition.

The movie, Bible KJV: The Divine Impulse, shows how the KJV became the cause of many textual problems for Bible studies. One has to be prepared to see a number of people talking about the KJV in various settings in a variety of presentations. The movie also provides details about the different kinds of KJV-related material that had been produced during the past couple of decades, showing how these various works affected the Bible as well as the study of it.

There is a thirty-page book jacket with a sample list of the book’s contents. One has to purchase the DVD in order to read the book jacket, but the DVD booklet contains the complete text of the book and a sample chapter from the book. The book jacket provides the following: