The Bible Translation That Should Be Used to Translate From the KJV to the Bible

April 23, 2020 0 Comments

When you think of New Testament Aramaic and Hebrew, Christian Bible translators tend to make a number of mistakes. Most of these errors occur because they use a classic non-standard reading for the KJV Bible’s King James Version text.

This non-standard English text can lead to English translations that are more widely accepted than they might otherwise be. For example, since the KJV’s King James Version text is based on Greek, it may seem “correct” to a Christian, but a non-Greek speaker would be likely to read it as being “wrong”. That is because of the lack of standardization in the KJV’s King James Version text.

Unfortunately, the same problem comes into play when translators rely on modern Greek-English dictionaries to determine what proper English words can and cannot mean. Their translations often fall into poor (and sometimes offensive) prose. This not only impacts on how the word’s meaning is perceived by Christians, but it also impacts upon how well people will read what the Bible says.

With this said, Christians should not look to the King James Version to provide a correct or non-offensive translation. Instead, they should look to an authoritative translation – a translation that is based on a more modern, modernized English. An authoritative English translation is based on the Bible’s original language and that is why the KJV’s King James Version translation is so often used by Christian translators.

This is not to say that all of the translators are perfect. There are several Bible versions that are not based on the KJV’s King James Version text – in fact, the vast majority of English Bible translations from that era are not based on the KJV’s text at all.

However, when Bible scholars are concerned with the standardization of English translations, it is the KJV that they turn to. When it comes to translating Bible materials, the KJV is the best, and only English version for this purpose. This is because the KJV text is based on an English language that has been constantly and correctly modified to represent its original language.

So, it is not only the KJV that is the best and most reliable Bible text to base a Biblical translation on. It is also the Bible that everyone should be using for every one of their Bible studies.

Using the Bible translation that is based on the best Bible text is what is required to convert a translation that is based on the KJV to a new text. However, many of us who study the Bible don’t bother to make that distinction. We just get up every morning and read, and in all honesty, if we are going to keep this thing going for another thousand years, we need to read the Bible.