Tips For Choosing the Right Bible Study Resource

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Tips For Choosing the Right Bible Study Resource

There are several Bible study resources that you may consider. You should be able to use many of them and they all will work for your needs, so long as you will try to see the “big picture” when using them. In this article, I will try to give you some ideas for Bible study in the Kingdom Library of New Testament.

The first option is to visit the King James Version Bible study center, where you can find both the New Living Translation and KJV. It is an interesting place to learn about the KJV. There is a wealth of information and you will also see how King James took the English word for the Greek word in the New Testament and what that means in context. This is another option for study.

Then there is the Bible Study Center at Concordia University and then there is the New Revised Standard Bible (NRSV) as well as the New International Version (NIV). The NRSV is the official version that can be used in all of the Bible Study Centers because it is the most commonly used in churches today. The NIV, in case you didn’t know, is the more widely used as a rule of thumb. However, it is still not as widely accepted as the other Bible versions. Most students prefer the New King James Version because it is less controversial.

There is the Bible Study Center of the University of New Haven in Connecticut. However, it isn’t as popular as the other Bible Study Center choices since the Dutch Bible is the official translation. So, it is a choice to go with the more popular English versions.

The Reformed-Dutch is the French Version of the New Testament. It has been used by the Reformed Churches of the Reformed Church in America since the 17th century. Now it is being used in most of the Bible Study Centers for its literary style, vocabulary and precision.

Then there is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) which was used in the New Testament for centuries but there are some differences between the various translations of the New Testament. For example, the New King James Version has an error in Isaiah but the New Revised Standard Version is right on it.

The New International Version (NIV) is often used because it has several documents with large amounts of extra material in it. The new Septuagint is the Greek version that was selected because it is more accurate. That is a huge difference between the ESV and the NIV.

The best choice for the Bible Study Center is the King James Version since it has a very large amount of details for each verse, footnotes, footnotes for each verse, synoptic guide, footnotes for each verse, directions for the reading of the entire Bible, Latinized Biblical verse guides, etc. There are so many resources out there, don’t get bogged down with what is and isn’t the correct version. Choose what works for you and is right for your class or lesson plan.