Using New Christian Texts and Movies for a Fun and Creative Process in Teaching Bible Study

May 6, 2020 0 Comments

You have an idea of what Bible KJV readings and biblical studies are all about. You want to be a successful Bible study teacher. You have spent years studying the Bible, learning its basics, theological context, and various texts. Yet you feel you still need to teach the students some more Bible material, especially new people to studying the Bible.

So how do you best teach your Bible study class new material in a way that will engage, inspire, and get the students moving forward with their study of the Bible? Learning by relating is often the best way to approach teaching material, especially if the material is challenging.

In today’s culture, it is quite normal for people to relate new material to their familiarity of Bible reading. For example, in the daily newspaper and even on television, there are episodes of new movies, or new seasons of popular television shows, featuring famous or controversial religious figures. By this I mean controversial religious figures who have either been proven to be guilty of wrongdoing, or have sparked some controversy in their own right.

Therefore, the ability to relate the new drama in the news to your Bible reading will enable you to incorporate your Bible study into a classroom setting. Just by making reference to the Bible in the classroom, you will enable your students to see how that story relates to the text. There is nothing like having your Bible study materials within reach as a classroom component.

Furthermore, one great tool for teaching new materials to your class is lesson plans. Although this is often used for religious texts, it is very effective for many other genres and subjects. Teaching a new novel can be a great example. While the authors might be unknown, the most popular authors are known by many people, and even may be the subjects of novels in the future.

Ratherthan teaching a new story, how about having the students read a new novel instead? How will you relate that novel to the Bible? Learning how to relate a new literary work to the Bible is another great way to start a creative process for a teacher.

So in summary, if you want to have a more creative process for teaching your students, include activities and planning in your Bible study class. By doing so, you will better equip yourself to teach the next popular biblical story that is going to come out in the future.

As an aside, many young people feel embarrassed to begin reading the Bible. However, after they grow up and begin reading the Bible, many of them decide that they want to be pastors or teachers themselves. So to learn more about Bible KJV resources for church plan and classes, please visit our website.