3 Versions of the Bible You Should Know About

When many people think of the Bible, one name comes to mind: KJV Bible, which is the version of the Holy Bible in the English language. This book has gone through several editions over the years and has been the Holy Bible for centuries. However, when you hear that the KJV Bible is still the standard, there are three other versions of the Bible that you should know about.

The Greek New Testament is also commonly referred to as the New Testament. This translation is the translation of the Greek New Testament into English. It is the main text of the Christian Bible and most Christians read it during church services.

The Latin Vulgate is the version of the Bible that is widely used in the English language. It is the standard translation for the New Testament. It is the most common reading in the English language. The Vulgate was the original version of the Bible from the early days of Christianity until the 1950s when the KJV Bible became the main text.

The Revised Standard Version or the RSV is the third version of the Bible. It is often called the most modern Bible. It is generally used by Protestants and Catholics, as well as some Eastern Orthodox.

Many people refer to the New International Version of the Bible, which is the fourth version of the Bible. It is also referred to as the Protestant Bible. The New International Version is not generally used by Protestants, but is used by Orthodox.

The New American Bible is the fifth version of the Bible. It is not necessarily considered a translation of the New Testament. It is the official English translation of the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The King James Version is the first English translation of the New Testament. It is considered the oldest version of the Bible. It is the version that is used in most classrooms today.

When you are looking for a Bible to read, you will want to make sure that you know about the different translations of the Bible. Knowing what version of the Bible to choose can help you find the Bible that is right for you. However, if you are not sure which one to choose, you can always consult your local church or your pastor for more information.