All About the KJV DVD Collection

The Bible Knowledge Video Library is a DVD collection of videos produced by the KJV Foundation. It includes a variety of instructional DVDs with original Bible scriptures interspersed with instructions, personal stories, and teachings by Christian leaders from different denominations. These are great resources for children.

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The Bible Knowledge Video Library was launched by Brother G. Wesley Long in 1992 to bring forth the unscriptural influences that can lead to indoctrination of children. It aimed to equip Christians with the tools to counter the bias indoctrination of non-Christian religions. Since then, it has been a well-liked resource by children of all ages.

The KJV Bible Study Series includes educational books and videos that teach children how to use the KJV Bible in their daily lives, encourage them to be responsible Bible readers, and strengthen their faith in Christ. It not only enlightens children, but it also develops their ability to discern between what is fact and what is fiction and helps them determine right from wrong.

In addition to teaching children how to read the Bible accurately, this Bible library helps them grow as people. They will discover that they have a gift of discernment that will not only enable them to discern truth, but also to discern what is right and wrong. Children will develop the ability to recognize what is good and what is evil, and how to distinguish between what is actually true and what is not. They will also discover the wonder of God’s plan and will be encouraged to make choices and choose the right path that leads to eternal life.

Some of the videos in the KJV Bible Collection include: Jesus Christ Through the Eyes of a Kindergarten Child; A Christian Youth’s Guide to Learning the Bible; Christian Storytime; Christian Children’s Bible Games; Bible Songs and Poems; and Bible Stories for Kids. They will also find Bible Story Programs for children that help them learn Bible stories and songs that are relevant to their lives. They can even write down Bible stories for future reading and singing lessons or Bible stories that they have heard on the KJV DVD Collection. There are Christian Leadership videos that will encourage children to become true followers of Christ.

Parents can also buy several DVD packages and that include family Bible learning CDs such as Family Bible Skills, Bystander Intervention and the I Can See Your Face Bible Resource CD. In addition, there are additional DVD collections in the KJV Bible Collection that can help parents or teachers to help children cope with the challenges of life. For example, The Dark Night: Using the Bible to Help You Move On and Lost Tragedy: Helping You Grieve in the Face of Loss are two more examples of Christian learning resources in the KJV Bible Collection.

Both the KJV DVD Collection and the Bible Knowledge Video Library have been available to parents and teachers for years. Many Christian leaders and educators have supported the KJV DVD Library as an effective way to learn the Bible. For this reason, the collection can be considered an “in-your-face” way to teach children the Bible.

The KJV DVDs is a big hit among Christian children and families because of their unadulterated quality. Most of the DVDs feature Bible passages and stories that were inspired by God and are available to everyone.