Bible KJV – Translations of Holy Scripture

As a spiritual seeker I was introduced to the intriguing world of Bible KJV; one of the most popular religious translations of today. Having only read the New International Version (NIV) I was unfamiliar with the old, canonical translation KJV.

We have many versions of holy scripture available for us, but the Bible KJV, and now New American Standard (NAS) clearly set the standard. Each version is accepted by all Christians in our country. There are many theories about what actually is in the New Testament, but none of them are in dispute. It is a fact that every book in the Bible, and each book of the New Testament, were written down by individual writers.

The oldest Book of the Bible, the KJV clearly reveals the identity of each author, which does not happen with the New Testament. I began to understand that there were different authors in each of the books of the Bible. They were not all penned by the same person.

One author whose name we meet time and again is John Wycliffe. He lived at Oxford and translated the Bible from Greek into Latin. We all know that the original Greek version of the Bible was written in Hebrew and was not made a single copy in any other language except Hebrew. This meant that when it was translated from Hebrew to Latin, Latin changed the original language.

Many people of the late Middle Ages, including John Wycliffe himself were known to use the KJV, especially during times of prayer. When they prayed, they wanted to be able to understand what they were reading. With the KJV in their hands they could still pray and understand the words.

Although this translation has not been with us that long, the textual integrity of this translation remains undiminished. Eventhe first American edition was very similar to the KJV, having the basic structure of the Old and New Testaments as well as other stories and prophetic books. So, if you need to understand the Bible for a purpose other than personal reading, or to make religious argumentation, the KJV will be right for you. You will find, as I did, that this is an invaluable tool for anyone who has ever doubted the Bible.

Many Bible KJV translations use the Greek text for the New Testament in the New Testament and the Greek text as the original text for the Old Testament. There are many versions of Bible translations, as well as one that is specifically dedicated to the New Testament. In each Bible KJV the word Old Testament has been changed to the New Testament. This should reassure any of those who would like to question the authenticity of the Bible.

If you have a love for the Bible and you want to deepen your understanding of what the Bible says about God and his Word, then I encourage you to study the Bible. These Bible translations to give you a way to deepen your understanding of the Bible, and what you are reading. The KJV, NIV, NASB and others are available online and are an excellent place to start.