Bible Translations

The Holy Bible is written in the Greek language. It is a book of God’s words that is handed down to us. This book was written by different authors. A book from one writer cannot be considered as the word of God.

Throughout the years the Holy Bible has been translated into different languages and forms, like KJV, D&C, KJVII, New English Bible, etc. Each of these books is based on the original word. For example, when the KJV says; “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself,” this statement is considered as a commandment from God. This statement is to love your neighbour as you love yourself. It is not to be hateful or cruel to others.

The Bible is written in various ways and each book is separate. One book will speak about certain subject and another book will talk about another subject. Thus, some books of the Bible that are related to the same topic are named as two separate books. Each book is in complete harmony with the other book. The book of Ruth is in complete harmony with the book of Ruth.

King James Version was designed by the King James translators and they wrote the King James Bible. It is based on the original words. This Bible is a book of God’s word, which means it will remain the same forever.

Kings James Bible translates the words of the King James version, so that we can read the word of God. This book is divided into several chapters. It was originally intended for the use of scholars. Even now, the book is used by the teachers of the school so that the students can be familiar with the text.

However, because the King James version is in full harmony with the original word, this Bible has the benefit of being translated into many languages. Thus, it can also be used by the students of the schools.

When a student is studying Bible, he should look for a book that is convenient to him. Some people find comfort in a simple book and the King James Version is such a book. Other people prefer to have a book that is in complete harmony with the original text. And, still other people will opt for the King James version because it is easy to read and is convenient to study.

You can get free online versions of the King James Bible in different languages. You just need to click on the appropriate links to download the desired version.