Book of KJV

Free Bible translations have become increasingly popular and some of the most popular are Book of KJV by Daniel C. Peterson and English-New Testament by John W. Welch. The great thing about these two books is that they’re free. However, if you’re a small-time preacher and would like to get the word out on your favorite topics, you can try one of the lesser known, free Bible translations.

For instance, English-New Testament by John W. Welch is free but there are only a handful of versions available for you to use. Most people don’t realize this, but these types of free books are often rejected by translators who don’t want to put their name on a book that doesn’t have the approval of the publisher. The publisher could reject the book because it is not authorized. Thus, the publisher wouldn’t get paid.

Some people might be wondering, what is the difference between these two books. Here’s a short review:

The Old Testament Book of KJV by Daniel C. Peterson is free, but most publishers don’t approve it. This book is simply another version of the New Testament. It is not endorsed by the publishers of the New Testament.

The Book of KJV by John W. Welch is a free book that is available in both the eBook format and the hardcover paperback edition. It uses the same text as the Old Testament version.

This book is not free because it’s only available as a free download. You can go to their website to get it for free.

If you are looking for something a little more challenging, you can try the NIV or ESV by the NIV Study Bible. These are two of the most popular free ebooks on the market.

But, I think it’s safe to say, that if you’re looking for something free, you should definitely try the free Bible translations. Just make sure that the book is from an authorized publisher. Otherwise, you can go to your local bookstore and buy a hardcover edition of the book of KJV by Daniel C. Peterson or the Book of KJV by John W. Welch.