Christian Bible Translation Project

June 16, 2020 0 Comments

The Christian students Bible translation project has used the KJV for most of their studies so far. The project members are a diverse mix of the faithful, spiritual minded and some atheists. The diversity has worked well in keeping the scholars on task as the final product is dependent on the interpretations of the translators.

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When a group becomes interested in studying the KJV, there are some issues to consider. The translator must be familiar with the meaning of the text, which is where the translation team comes in. They have to determine what the original author meant to convey with the words in the text. They need to use their translation skills and discern what the original author intended and how he or she wanted to be expressed.

Sometimes it may take a little time to figure out exactly what the words mean. There are exceptions however. In the case of King James Version the translators were able to make sense of the words for scholars who were not familiar with the language. This is the great advantage of the translation team. It allows them to discern exactly what was intended and thus allows scholars to use the final product for our daily study.

Translators also need to make sure that the translation is accurate. In this project, and others, scholars cannot depend on the translators for this. Only the Christian students can do this and they have to make sure that the scholars are giving the proper word choices. The scholars also need to make sure that the exact meaning is given for all of the words. It is important to note that there are a variety of different translations available for the translation team to consider.

The team has to keep in mind the suggestions and interpretations of the translators. They cannot presume that all of the translators agree with every suggestion. The scholars make many suggestions on the manuscript and then the team makes a decision as to what is best. This all happens in a safe environment free from politics and agendas.

The Bible is rich in Biblical literature. The translators need to make sure that they are using the appropriate vocabulary and proper grammatical terminology. Even though it may be difficult, the team can work to accomplish this as they are trained to do so. However, sometimes it will be necessary to get help from the translators to ensure that the words are translated correctly. It takes a little training but the translators are available to answer questions and make sure that the word choices are accurate.

The team needs to learn how to interpret the words accurately so that they can provide the perfect understanding of the words. There is a process involved in the translation process. It does not happen all at once, but gradually. It is essential that the scholars continue to use the tools and training that they have been provided for their understanding of the English language.

For those seeking to get a good understanding of the KJV the team of Christian students is there to help. They are aware of the importance of having a quality word translation project. They know that in order to do this successfully, they need to be familiar with the language and understand what the words are intended to convey.