How Could You Know That the Bible is the True Word of God?

What do I know about the Holy Bible? So you have been convinced that it is the Word of God, and that The Book of the KJV is the inspired Word of God? Well, I am here to tell you that you may be wrong. That book was not written by the man who supposedly authored it.

It is rather surprising that you have never heard of The Book of KJV, or David Livingston Voorhees. In his book “The King James Version” David B. Voorhees claims to be the original author of the Bible. But in fact, he is not.

Did you know that there are many versions of the Bible that existed before the Bible we have today? Even if there were none, did you know that all you needed to write a bible was a copy of the original Bible? And since that Bible had no errors, there would be no need for the various translations to be made!

This statement is quite true, because there was only one language spoken in England, when the Bible was written in English. There was no such thing as a Bible translation. Nor were there any Bible translators in those days.

Many of the translations that you will see today are actually only translations of the original English text, which was derived from that first translation. Some of the translations we have today are translations of a version of the Bible written in Greek. Others are translations of the Hebrew text of the original Greek version.

Unfortunately, some religious people would like to think that the Christian Bible is the only version of the Bible that can be trusted. But in fact, there are at least twelve versions of the Bible that still exist today. The New American Standard Bible, New Living Translation, New International Version, New Revised Standard Version, New Living Translation, The Message Bible, The Living Bible, and so on and so forth are the variations of the original Bible.

Today, a Catholic who reads the Bible in English can find it very difficult to understand what the Catholic Church believes to be the original meaning of certain passages. While some of the translations offer a historical context for many of the New Testament writings, others simply use the Hebrew language as a translator.

It is important to note that while The King James Version is considered the most authoritative Bible by Protestants, the other versions have their own unique content. Therefore, before you make any claims that you are a member of the Church of England and are convinced that your version of the Bible is the “correct” one, you may want to consider doing some research and compare the versions of the Bible that you choose with the actual original version.