How Reading the Bible KJV Makes it Possible For You to Discover More About What You Really Need to Know

If you want to have a chance of receiving God’s love and saving grace, then you must read the Bible KJV. Read it every day, particularly in the mornings, since it is all about blessings and never gives up on making believers out of those who walk in faith.

Since the translators of the KJV made a mistake while translating the original Hebrew word, they simply kept the word “healer” in their translation, thinking it would be enough. But Jesus warned His disciples about this, because He knew what the true message of the KJV meant. Therefore, the true meaning of the KJV is ‘loser’ not ‘healer’.

The best example of this is found in the story of Lazarus in Luke 16, where we see that even though he has many trials and tribulations due to his sins, yet even though he has these trials, he still perseveres in His faith, which is shown by the fact that when he sees His sister Mary, he calls her ‘sister’, as he has no one else to call. This is another reason why the KJV should be read over again, especially in the morning, for there are still some of us who have no belief in the importance of the KJV.

What other person could understand your trials better than you, when you don’t believe in the importance of the Bible and it is not even mentioned in your life? Therefore, reading the Bible KJV makes it possible for you to discover more about what you really need to know about and really get it.

If you want to hear the message of the Bible then it is time to start reading the Bible KJV in its entirety, since it is one of the most important books that you could ever find. It gives you a genuine message, so that you can hear your father’s voice, your mother’s voice, and even Jesus’ voice, in the most genuine way possible.

That is what makes reading the Bible KJV the best choice for everyone to make. Read it as often as you can, preferably in the morning. Because that is when you will get the biggest impact from it.

Why do you think those who read the Bible often find out to be followers of Christ? The Bible KJV is indeed the greatest tool to be used in our lives, for it will bring you to God’s mercy and love and not just in a limited sense but will let you experience God’s presence at every stage of your life.

Don’t think that the Bible is only for Christians because when you learn to read the Bible KJV you also experience how to understand the things of God, which means that you will be able to open up to the truth of God. And God knows best, so you will discover He knows best too.