KJV – Too Much?

Many people assume that the KJV Bible is the only Bible in use, and they assume that it is just as close to God’s Word as the KJV Bible is. While that is partially true, the KJV Bible was not designed to be used with other Bibles. It was designed for internal consumption, where the translation was intended to replace the traditional translations found in all of the Bibles used by most Christians.

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Many Bibles today are designed for external consumption. They are built to be portable, multi-purpose, and multi-lingual. Most have many Bibles included in them. Therefore, they were not designed for internal use.

The question of what happens to the KJV that is not used is one that the current KJV Bible was not designed to answer. The current KJV Bible simply does not have the answers. In the case of KJV vs. KJV, it is a matter of interpretation. How do you interpret what you read? There is no one way to read the Bible.

The KJV Bible was designed for internal consumption and not for external consumption. Therefore, it should not be printed in bibles today. There is no reason to print the Bible in large quantities. If it cannot fit in the original volumes, why print it?

The idea that you would print the KJV when it has not been used in decades is ludicrous. Why would you want to do that when you could use another type of Bible that you know has been used for hundreds of years? Wouldn’t it make more sense to print a newer, more recent edition of the KJV?

The KJV has served its purpose and is too much for the world today. It should be retired from public consumption and put to proper use. It does not fit in most of the Bibles that we are used to seeing in church. In addition, there is no need for another version of the KJV when the KJV has served its purpose for so long.

The next time you are in a store looking for a Bible, think about how much unnecessary use there is for the KJV. Would you buy another version when there is already one that you know is effective and efficient?

If the KJV is too much, how much is too much? We believe that the KJV should be retired from public consumption and only used for internal use only.