The Author of KJV

The bible is a very long book and the author has been quoting a lot of different characters, or a lot of different versions of events and even people in the bible. There are a lot of contradictions and inconsistencies. How can the word of God be right if it’s written by an individual who uses a lot of different people and events in the bible.

A Biblical Critic would have to admit that the author of the KJV had a number of contradictions in his version. We now know this because the bible was the product of many hands. Jesus said he took the bible from the prophets.

I do not like the KJV at all because of the inconsistencies. The errors are really embarrassing because of the amount of people the bible is written by. To me it seems to be a farce.

The KJV will always be viewed as the bible but the bible for me is a little bit of a fairy tale. The bible needs to be revised because of the various inconsistencies and the lack of consistency with the stories and quotes. Not only do we see mistakes but there are no actual facts.

I find the KJV to be full of contradictions because of the multiple authors. It seems like the whole thing is made up. There are certain incidents which are fictitious and this makes the book a farce.

You might be thinking I am doing the author of the KJV a big favor, but I do not think so. I think it is disrespectful to his reputation as a prophet and it gives an opportunity for people to claim they know what God really said.

I did not say God lied, but I did say he was inconsistent. I do not understand the inconsistencies. If you read the bible you can not even find the timeline of time and it is too packed with the different people.

So many differences between the story and what the prophet told God make it a farce. So many people to just take the author of KJV and say he has knowledge of the bible? How do you know he has knowledge of the bible when he wrote KJV?