The Gift of Bible KJV

When I read Bible KJV, I get a new insight into how God understands us, even more than when I read any other book of the Bible. It is clear to me that the Bible is all about us, and it is a gift from God that He has given to guide our life.

Even more than that, it tells us how to live. It is a gift from God to His people. However, it does not address some of the greatest issues of our lives. This is where people’s hearts are broken; they are not happy with God, so they do not take advantage of what He has to teach them.

So, let’s start by looking at what the Bible says about us and our relationship with God. God wants us to have total, complete, and eternal life. This is the most important thing that God wants us to learn. If we will learn how to live righteously, to give righteously, to live within the bounds of God’s word, we will be successful in all we do, and that includes relationships.

We will be successful because God wants us to live the way we deserve to be, the way He wants us to live. There is no room for greed, or envy, or sexual immorality, or murder, or stealing, or lying, or gossiping, or gluttony, or slothfulness, or foolishness… All of these things are in fact unbiblical, and they are unacceptable in the relationship of our life with God.

It is my hope that you will gain a stronger relationship with God by reading Bible KJV, and letting the gifts of God surround you. They are meant to be the sweetest and most pleasant experiences you will ever have. I can say with absolute certainty that God really wants you to come to know Him better, and He is counting on you to hear His voice in your heart, in your life, and in your relationships.

That is the gift that we are meant to have. That is the gift God has entrusted to us. It is an open door to the peace and comfort of knowing that the Lord hears our prayers, knows our needs, and desires to fulfill them with Him.

That is the peace and comfort that God wants to give you. You must take that gift and make it your own by living a life filled with love, joy, and righteousness.

I promise you that if you will just open up the door of your life to the teachings of the Holy Bible, you will be saved, because the Lord is going to open that door for you, and give you what He wants you to have, which is the comfort of knowing that He has confidence in your heart, and you will not regret that life He gave you. It is so easy for us to feel like we don’t deserve the life God has for us, but if we just take His word for it, that He loves us, and that He wants us to have His peace and comfort, He will give it to us!