The Importance of Understanding the Bible

The Bible has become a central part of Christian faith for those who take it seriously. Christians believe that the Bible is God’s word written to be read and understood. However, there are also millions of other Christians who do not take the Bible as seriously as others do. They will pick up a Bible and start reading it but they do not really comprehend its deeper meanings and Biblical citations.

Many of these people who don’t understand the Bible will probably be just as successful in their life if they just ask a friend or relative for a Bible and then start reading it. However, they won’t understand the importance of studying the Bible. They might think that only a wise person would need to study the Bible.

Therefore, it is very important for those who want to become closer to God to read the Bible. The Bible was not written by an expert theologian like Augustine or Aquinas. Those men wrote thousands of books and produced hundreds of television programs about God. They could clearly explain how God lived his life and he could demonstrate His love to us. However, many of us still believe that the Bible is filled with confusing and obscure biblical references and interpretations.

Some people who claim to be Christians have never studied the Bible at all. So, when you hear a Christian declare that he is familiar with the Bible, chances are he is saying that he knows the meaning of all the Bible verses. He doesn’t know any of the references and he won’t be able to explain how each Biblical reference fits into his understanding of God.

If we read the Bible and try to make sense of the various meanings, we will come to understand why so many people, especially Christians, keep having difficulty interpreting what the Bible says. However, there are many verses which are not necessarily ambiguous. Even some of the most obscure biblical references can be explained and interpreted. However, the importance of studying the Bible should not be dismissed.

Remember, it is God who has written the Bible. It is not as simple as comparing the Bible to a set of dictionaries that list each word that makes up the word “God”. We know that the Bible was written by the Holy Spirit and we know that He wrote it with the use of human minds.

There are still plenty of Bible verses that indicate that the Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible. Therefore, if we don’t want to misunderstand the meaning of certain Bible verses, we should try to understand how God can write the Bible without using any of the common languages that we know. The Bible was clearly written by a human being. If we want to become closer to God, we should try to understand what he actually meant when he wrote the Bible.

Understanding the Bible doesn’t have to be difficult. You just have to be willing to study it. The Bible was written by man and we can see how he interpreted God’s words and took them from those words. If we are serious about our relationship with God, we should try to understand what he actually meant when he wrote the Bible.