The Meaning of the Bible in KJV Translation

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The Meaning of the Bible in KJV Translation

The Bible in KJV translation is often referred to as the King James Version. For those of you who are not familiar with the terms used in our English, this can make some people feel uncomfortable. After all, the New Testament was originally written in Greek. Consequently, the translators of the Bible in KJV had to use a Greek version of the King James version, which translated literally into the English language is no more accurate than the version we have today.

But that was then and this is now. The original KJV Bible was not written in Greek. It was translated from a version of the Hebrew, which was already a foreign language to the KJV translators. The actual King James Bible was created with a Greek text, which is only five centuries old. With this being the case, you would think that the King James Bible translation was a quite accurate rendering of the original Greek.

But no, the translation of the KJV Bible was actually done by men who were not trained scholars. Instead, they were mere scribes, not just translators. Thus, when a word or passage of scripture was translated, there are only two possible translations that it could have been translated into. They were literal or allegorical.

If the word was allegorical, it means that it is not meant literally. For example, if a verse says that Jesus ate a man’s heart, that is interpreted in a figurative sense. Likewise, if it said that a woman could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven until she had hanged herself, that is translated literally.

The meaning of the Bible in KJV translations should always be taken literally, but it was rarely taken that way. In fact, if the translators at the King James Bible had taken the time to really study the Bible, it is quite likely that they could have been better able to determine what the original word meant.

As a result, they would have been able to accurately translate the King James Bible into their version of the Bible. Since that is not the case, what you will find when you go online to look for the Bible in KJV translation is that there are translations from another ancient language that have many of the same meanings as the Hebrew word that was translated into KJV.

That being the case, when you do research for the Bible in KJV translation, you will find that it is a pretty accurate rendering of the original Greek, even if it does not mean what the original Greek would have meant. And this is because the original Greek people had no idea what the English word meant. They spoke no English, so they had no means of knowing what the words meant, so their translations were almost always literal.

Now, the Bible in KJV translation is commonly used in other languages. However, the truth is that this version is not very common because of the poor translation of the words that were originally intended. Even today, people are looking for the accurate version of the Bible in KJV translation, instead of one that is misinterpreted by people who are not trained scholars. When you are looking for the correct translation of the original text, make sure that you go with the one that is meant to be taken literally, not figuratively.