The New Testament Bible and King James Version

When you think of the Bible, you often associate it with Protestant Christianity, particularly the Protestant Reformation. But did you know that the Bible has a whole lot more to offer the Church than what you are accustomed to? Here are some of the interesting elements of the Bible that give the Christian’s something to learn about. King James Version’s English translations also give us the opportunity to learn something about the lives of the people who wrote it.


In one story of the Old Testament, King James of Judah tried to seduce a virgin, but she refused him. He therefore tried to kill her and hide her body. The people found out about it and he was executed. The people were outraged, and they wanted vengeance against him for what he had done.

There are two people in this story, two jealous women. One woman killed the other because she was jealous of his physical attraction to the same woman. In other words, the people of Judah took this as a sign from God that they should not have this man as their king.

The book of Kings is divided into four sections. The first section was written by Samuel. In this book, Samuel wrote about the king’s reign, wars, and marriages. The second section was written by David.

The next section was written by the sons of Korah, who was the successor of King Jamea. And the last section was written by another son of Korah, named Asa. The book of Kings is about the lives of a number of kings, which you will find interesting.

The book of Chronicles is the story of King Jehoiakim of Judah, which also deals with his son King Jehoiada. In fact, both the sons of Jehoiakim and of Jehoiada have a great influence on the later king, Asa of Judah.

For those who are reading this Bible and wonder why it reads differently from the English, the difference in the past tense is related to how you phrase the words you use. It doesn’t just look different, it also feels different. The meaning is always the same.

Reading this book of Kings gives you a new perspective on our faith, but if you’re a neophyte, you might be wondering what the connection is between King James Bible and KJV. While it’s important to learn the differences between the two, it’s also important to remember that King James was an Englishman, like you. There’s something for everyone in the King James Bible.