The Study Bible – Are There Any Differences?

In the following article I will be discussing the online Bible and its effects on studies of the Bible. Many have pointed out that studying the Bible online has an advantage because the overall structure is that of a “notes” style. What I am going to suggest, though, is that this does not mean we should forget about the “real” Bible.

The online study of the Bible is definitely helpful and all but that does not mean you cannot or should not study it the “real” way. In fact, it is necessary for the modern student to have a foundation in the Old Testament that they can draw from when reading in the New Testament. While the method may be similar, there are many differences as well.

First, there is the structure of the New Testament. What we read today is written in Greek, not English, and so will generally be read in this language. This means that the “word-picture” will be somewhat different than that of the Old Testament. If you truly want to study the New Testament in its entirety, you will need to have a foundation in Hebrew.

Secondly, even the use of online Bibles and their content will still be slightly different from the KJV. You will still need a knowledge of the KJV and study Bible and the Old Testament in order to properly read it.

The same is true for the New Testament. Without familiarity with the Old Testament, you cannot comprehend what the author was trying to say in the New Testament.

Texts such as the Gospels, Acts and Jude all require study, though, and those who do not have such a background will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage. In addition, if you are not studying the Biblical writings properly, you can not truly understand the Bible, or its teachings. The simple fact is that the Bible is not something that can be studied in isolation.

For one thing, the New Testament is influenced by the Old Testament and you cannot truly understand the teachings of the Bible without studying both. Secondly, you cannot study the Bible the way it was originally written if you do not know the Old Testament.

Lastly, your life experiences are certainly a part of the Bible. No one can study the Bible without having some type of experience in his or her life, which is why it is important to take an active role in your studies.