Where is the Main Story Line in the Bible?

Have you been reading the Bible and are wondering where is the main story line or the end and have yet to get a hang of the whole Bible? Well in this article we will discuss the question of where is the main story line and the methods used to locate the end in the Bible.

The first major point to mention is that the Bible has a beginning and end. You cannot tell where the story starts and the end, when there is no beginning.

Now you may ask how you can tell this from the Bible. Well if you take the New Testament and look for Jesus speaking to the disciples and instructing them on the last days and how they should go about it. The New Testament talks about the last days as though there is only one future, namely the ending of the time that we live in and not the ending of the past times that we lived in.

A Bible reader that is just beginning to study the Bible will often get caught up in a certain story that they believe is the main story line and they will be amazed to find that James has already been told a different story to start with. That is why some Bible readers will try to find some type of mythical story to begin with, especially when it comes to the Messiah. If the writer of the Bible had a set story to start with then we would have a messiah that was no more than just another follower of Christ.

This is why we find James as a leader in the Christian church. The writer of the Bible didn’t set out to write about the messiah or to be a leader of people. The writer set out to write about people in general, and by starting the story with James he is able to show the reader who he is and how his story will go forward.

In the book of Acts we find that James is sent out as a servant in Jerusalem to be their mouthpiece. He was sent asan apostle to many and we find him in many places throughout the New Testament. The New Testament is simply another story telling them how they should go about doing things and in this case James had already gone through that type of story and now he was a servant in Jerusalem.

By following that method the writer of the Bible was able to have a different viewpoint on the story of James and his journey. However, the writer did not do this deliberately, because in order to tell the entire story of the story would take the writer over forty years to tell it.

There are many other stories that were created to increase the interest of the readers to see how they should understand and follow the story line. This is so we are all on the same page and that we are looking at the same thing. There is no point in the Bible if we are not looking at the same story that the Bible writer created.