Why the KJV Bible is Essential

Recently, I was reading the whole of the KJV Bible, and I had to take a break. The message it gave me when I read it cover to cover was amazing. I didn’t understand it, but that’s okay, because it still gave me encouragement.

The reason I took a break from the KJV Bible was because it is so long, and sometimes it makes it difficult to keep track of the verses. I’m on a mission to study the entire Bible and even go back through the New Testament. It has been a struggle trying to pick up every scripture I have forgotten. But I believe that God wants me to use His Word for His glory, and I hope he will give me insight into His Word through the study and understanding of the KJV Bible.

The KJV Bible is a product of the translators that worked for King James. I remember seeing a picture of King James in my youth class at school. And I remembered the messengers who were going back and forth from the English translation Bible committee every week to collect the King James Bible and then make minor changes to the text to meet the official King James Bible language. The translators were spending hours trying to keep the text straight. The English language was very different from the King James language.

I believe the translators simply translated the English word for word. In other words, I was told, an English word is a synonym for a Greek word. The Greek language, though, is very different from the English language. Therefore, they just translated the English word to a Greek word. What does this mean?

That means that when you take the King James Bible and you translate it to another language, the translation is not a literal truth. It is simply the way the translators decided to reword the Greek word. They did not spend time understanding the Greek language and finding out what a true translation of the word meant. So, when I read the KJV Bible, it is more like studying Greek. The people who made it want it to be an exact translation, but that is something God’s Word is not.

One other thing that struck me about the KJV is that it was translated from the Old Testament (Old Testament of King James), while the New Testament was translated from the New Testament (New Testament of King James). Of course, the translators could have just done the New Testament from the Old Testament, but that would have been easier to read. The translation is difficult for me to follow because of the difficult word choices, and the different syntax. As far as using the KJV Bible is concerned, I really just want to read it and enjoy the words. I don’t want to have to follow the book to figure out what it is saying.

It is easier to just go to a website that offers the KJV Bible. It is easier to find a site that will give you the whole Bible. The best place to go is whatismybible.com. There is nothing more comforting than knowing that you can simply go to a website and find out what Bible you need. If you are stuck, you can simply click the links that are in the resource box and you can get the same information that I am getting from my Bible study.

With that being said, I believe that God created us to study the Bible and to also read it. That is why we need to learn the KJV Bible, because it is the best way to get a complete understanding of God’s Word.